What Career is Right for Me?

Are you looking for the perfect career? It can be the one of most important questions you will ask yourself: what career is right for me?

Finding the right career is a matter of finding out about yourself. What are some things you enjoy doing? Are there areas in which you excel, like writing, music, math, or science? Do you see yourself in a career where you are helping others? Perhaps you like the excitement of solving crimes or prosecuting the bad guys. Or you love the idea of having a building move from design to completion, and all because it was your design idea.

There are many different careers to consider. Whether you are searching for information about a specific career, or exploring possible career paths, Career Relay provides detailed information for top careers including job description, job outlook, salary information, educational requirements, related jobs, work environment, and more. You can compare careers by category and by an alphabetized list.

To get started, explore our list of Top Careers below, or view our complete List of Careers to compare careers by annual median salary.