Changing Careers at 35 – The Ideal Profession or Just Another Job?

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Congratulations! Older than the average pioneer, you’re considering changing careers at 35 and forging a new path in your life just like the pioneers of old.

Life has really gotten underway for you, and you’ve made a lot of memories. But chances are, something just isn’t quite right. Perhaps you’ve lost your job or you know that you’re not investing your life in your passions. Regardless, your decision to change your job at 35 isn’t unusual.

Popular Second Career Options

Switching careers at 35 gives you the incredible opportunity to leverage your life experience in a new field that interests you (and hopefully pays more!).

With the advent of the internet and emerging technologies, getting the training or credentials you need to switch careers has never been easier. Dozens of well-known universities now offer accredited degrees in cutting-edge fields 100% online. And for those who need financial aid, Federal financial aid in the form of grants and loans are available making it easy to get started right away!

Popular second careers :

  • Accountant – $61,690 (Explore online degrees in this field)
  • Life Coach – $53,380 (Explore online degrees in this field)
  • Forensic Science Technician – $51,570 (Explore online degrees in this field)
  • Medical Assistant (Explore online degrees in this field)
  • Police Officer – $55,010 (Explore online degrees in this field)
  • Human Resources Manager – $99,180 (Explore online degrees in this field)
  • Financial Manager – $103,910 (Explore online degrees in this field)
  • Computer Programmer – $71,380 (Explore online degrees in this field)
  • Federal Agent – $55,010 (Explore online degrees in this field)
  • Financial Analyst – $74,350 (Explore online degrees in this field)
  • Marketing Manager – $108,260 (Explore online degrees in this field)
  • Web Developer – $75,560 (Explore online degrees in this field)

Salary data provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Salaries vary depending on employer, experience, and other factors, such as geographic location. Program outcomes vary by institution, and employment opportunities cannot be guaranteed.

The Ideal Profession or Just a New Job

Changing careers at 35In this economy, most folks aren’t leaving thriving jobs to try to switch career tracks.

In some cases, the switch may not even be voluntary. However, the decision which you must make remains.

If you are preparing to change careers at 35, you should not make the decision without thoughtful consideration.

For many, voluntary switches involve an “aha” moment making changing careers at 35 less intimidating. But if you didn’t have a choice or if you know that you must transition to a new vocation, it can be frightening.

But simply because you do not have the clarity you want doesn’t mean you should give up this incredible opportunity.

Changing Careers at 35 – The Evaluation Process

An effective career change requires that you consider your various talents and abilities. Also consider your passions. It can be very difficult to make a good choice for your life focus when you don’t use what you’re best at.

Changing careers at 35 means that you have the opportunity to turn that passion into a primary focal point of your life.

Additionally, discovering this new vocation means that you will have an increased interest in your job and likely find it easier to remain competitive. Recent studies have revealed that those who stay with jobs that don’t match their natural talents often suffer higher stress than usual.

Here are a few tools to help you get started:

Asking the Right Questions

A woman in her new officeIn making this transition as a thirty something, you should see whether any degrees you already have will serve to assist you in this switch. Ask whether you can get “life experience credits” or that school’s equivalent.

You should also ask whether they have programs which permit you to work while studying, or explore online certificate or degree programs offered by accredited universities.

If you are considering a career which requires additional skills or training, online degree options offer the most flexibility, giving you the opportunity to work full-time and take care of your family while pursuing your studies.

These are questions which you will need to have with the school admissions or financial aid counselor. They will understand your concerns, but make sure that you articulate them.

As you make the decision for changing careers at 35, you will find that it can lead to an incredible transformation of your life.