Changing Careers at 60

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Changing careers at 60Why is changing careers at 60 such a big deal?

Life expectancy is on the rise, giving more time for being productive and staying relevant in the workplace.

Then, there are the real life reasons:

  • The social security safety net isn’t so safe anymore
  • The value of your 401K isn’t as healthy as it once was with the floundering economy
  • The expense of living is going up and the retirement nest egg you put back isn’t going to last as long as you thought
  • Then there’s the “I’m burned out on this job I’ve held for 30 years”. I need a change.
  • And the “I don’t need to earn as much money as I used to and I want to have less responsibility, so I can still enjoy my later years” reason.

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Is Changing Careers at 60 feasible?

If you really have to have a reason to change your career, pick one or pick none. Do it simply because you can.

The fact of the matter is, your career is one of your financial assets.

People don’t generally treat it that way, but if you give it some clear thought, you’ll see my point.

As a financial asset, you need to manage your career to meet your needs just like you do your 401K.

You shift money between stocks and mutual funds to manipulate the value of the portfolio. So, it should be with your career after 60.

Career Change Doesn’t Necessarily Imply Changing Jobs

Let’s keep an open mind here.

You may only need to change the nature of the career you currently have rather than abandoning it entirely for a new line of work.

  • Redefine your work within a team atmosphere and take a lesser position of responsibility at a lower salary. You’re supplementing your retirement now rather than trying to fund it.
  • Telecommute both to save money on transportation expenses and to give you more time around the house to take care of those “projects” you never seemed to be able to get to including the hobbies and special interest things.
  • Work flex time during the day. Get the good tee times on the championship golf course you so rarely get to play on.

Making that Career Shift at 60Finding a New Career After 60

Ok, so the work doesn’t interest you at all anymore and you want to find a new career to reinvigorate the creative juices.

Your skill set hasn’t diminished. Your motivation is still strong. Those are all the good ingredients that go into making a career change after 60 possible.

  • You know a lot of people after 30 years on the job. Network out and see what’s available for the time you want to spend doing it. Call in some favors and get a job consulting for the big boys.
  • Take advantage of the skills of a favorite hobby and search out a career that uses them. It’s bound to be a good match.

There’s a secret to changing careers after 60. It’s a state of mind that needs to be created, nurtured, and let run free. Don’t put any boundaries around it and don’t constrain the possibilities in any way. Just do it!